UX & UI Design


Anna Sui is distinct and very much inspired by the victorian era fused with modern culture and its signature purple, black, gothic-esque colors. In addition to their fashion and accessories collection, they opened Anna Sui Eyewear. Distributed by Mondottica, they began selling sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses with each having their own personality and edge to its design.


The brand is founded by and named after a renowned high-end fashion designer, and with a big image to maintain comes with a lot of responsibility for their company to reassure that their image is not corrupted. We were able to work smoothly with the Anna Sui Vision team to get that final seal of approval for branding and legal issues.


The objective was to strengthen Anna Sui Vision’s positioning to market their products to consumers and gain traffic to the website. Keeping it visual, their Facebook and Instagram has also been integrated into a gallery. With Anna Sui’s highly acclaimed runways, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to place a video featuring her striking glasses alongside the product displays and account log-in. There are options to add items to wishlist and view maps to locate the closest selling the type of eyewear consumers are shopping for. Now, Anna Sui Vision's website is ready to take on business online and offline.