UX & UI Design


With five campuses around Hong Kong, French International School is one of the largest international schools offering both French and International streams. The multi-cultured school not only puts emphasis on high standard education, but also on creating a community amongst students, parents and teachers.


Upon visiting the school’s former website, we knew that their pages could be less wordy and better organised. We kept in mind that the end users are mainly parents and staff members, so from there we were able to manage and rearrange the load of information that the school needed to circulate online.


To ensure that the website is navigable for both parents and staff members, on a crisp white and navy blue layout we’ve divided all information into sections that are relevant to the potential user. Which includes the portals for parents, staff and students. No one wants to be bombarded by a never ending page of information, so we made sure that every landing page provided basic information and users can choose to “read more” as they please. On top of that, we provided the school with some art direction on their graphics and photography that will likely be used for future marketing materials. The website was very well received by all users as we’ve received many thank-yous since its launch.